About Humane Animal Removal

Jim Dreisacker, inventor of Batcone® and Pro-Cone® Wildlife Excluders

Jim Dreisacker, innovator of Batcone®, has over 3 decades of  experience in the nuisance wildlife removal field.  He has been cited in articles of major publications, including The New York Times, PCT magazine, WCT magazine, and concerning bat removal and bat exclusion techniques. Throughout the years, he has  been a guest on TV & radio programs as well as an invited speaker at numerous state, national & international wildlife and pest control seminars.

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Batcone® and Pro-cone® products will completely change the way you look at managing your pest control capabilities. Pro-cone® provide safe, humane removal for multiple species, including bats, sparrows, starlings, grey squirrels, red squirrels, flying squirrels, rats and mice. See product specifications when choosing the product that’s right for you. Our safe bat traps provide excellent humane animal removal for bats and rodents.