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On-Site Bat Control Training

On-Site Training:   $1,500.00* USD per day plus round trip airfare and lodging. A 50% deposit required upon date availability; (supplies and materials not included).

Jim Dreisacker of Batcone will travel to your job sites with you and your technicians to give first hand instruction (one on one or group) on proper bat exclusion and sealing procedures that will help increase your profits and decrease recalls by learning these time saving methods. Learn proper Pricing/Selling techniques to put your company above the competition. Jim’s bat and rodent control training will make sure you learn proper techniques to safely and humanly remove rodents and animals.

Bat Removal Training Testimonial from Jim Woods Roofing of South Dakota

As a roofer we come across bats in the house and after all the training we received we feel we can now do bat removal properly. Your training was a great value. We now know what to look for when bat proofing our customers’ houses. Some of the techniques that you taught weren’t even on our radar. Now we see the big picture about what bats are doing and why they are in the house. We learned a lot – your training was invaluable. It’s like taking a crash college course on the animal itself and also the industry – what products and services are now available to better serve our customers. The training was so comprehensive and thorough that we’re confident enough to add bat removal on as an add on service for our business. It’s great. Everyone is trying to increase profit margins. We’re primarily roofers and we see a service here that we can now provide. It’s a very simple system that you teach – any technician or roofer or gutter guy or handyman – can take the system that you teach and add it to what they’re doing and immediately have value to offer to their customers. The jobs that we did with you here basically helped pay for the training. And it’s a lot easier than roofing!