Animal Removal Testimonials

Batcone and Bat Removal Testimonials

Bat Removal Training Testimonial from Jim Woods Roofing of South Dakota

As a roofer we come across bats in the house and after all the training we received we feel we can now do bat removal properly. Your training was a great value. We now know what to look for when bat proofing our customers’ houses. Some of the techniques that you taught weren’t even on our radar. Now we see the big picture about what bats are doing and why they are in the house. We learned a lot – your training was invaluable. It’s like taking a crash college course on the animal itself and also the industry – what products and services are now available to better serve our customers.

The training was so comprehensive and thorough that we’re confident enough to add bat removal on as an add on service for our business. It’s great. Everyone is trying to increase profit margins. We’re primarily roofers and we see a service here that we can now provide. It’s a very simple system that you teach – any technician or roofer or gutter guy or handyman – can take the system that you teach and add it to what they’re doing and immediately have value to offer to their customers. The jobs that we did with you here basically helped pay for the training. And it’s a lot easier than roofing!

We use the Pro-cone® and have had great success with this product.

Steve Reutmann
Environmental Pest Control Services
Lansdale, PA

The Batcone is a professional product for use by professionals or someone who wants professional results. I use Batcones because my customers want the best. Batcones outperform any homemade product – bar none. Act like the professional you are, use a professional product.

Craig Lewis CWCP, ACP , BCI certified excluder
Aardvark Wildlife Control
Danbury, CT

I’ve used the Batcone for all my Bat exclusion jobs for the 2007 season. I have found it easy to install and very effective in evicting brown bats from my clients’ homes. I would recommend this new tool for any Wildlife Control Operators who sell bat control service as part of their business.

Mark Jones, CWCP
Amtech Nuisance Wildlife Control
CT NWCO Assoc. President

My company, Advanced Nuisance Wildlife Control Services, Inc., continues to strive to use the most “Advanced” products, techniques and applications that are available to the wildlife control industry when solving our client’s wildlife conflicts. Bat exclusions have been made easier by using the Batcone because of the versatility of applications. The installed Batcone is not unsightly like many other “homemade” exclusion devices and our client’s appreciate the aesthetics of this professional product during the exclusion process. I’m a Certified Wildlife Control Professional and demand professional products, that’s why I use Batcone as our excluder of choice.

Craig Conway (CWCP)
Advanced Nuisance Wildlife Control Services, Inc.
Smithtown, NY

I used the Batcone at a job recently. The result: no bats in the house anymore, a happy customer and a nice pay day. I wish I thought of it first.

Rick Brill
Advantage Pest Control

Batcones are easy to install, cost-effective, and most importantly, they work.

Dan Dees
Piedmont Pest Control, Inc.
Laurens, SC

The Batcone is a quality product that humanely evicts bats from your home.

Rob Mies
Director of Organization for Bat Conservation
Bloomfield, MI