Bat exclusion focuses on gaps in the home

Effective bat exclusion means experienced experts will go through the entire home looking for gaps that can allow bats to enter and they seal off those gaps. For anyone who has seen bats up close,  they know how small they are; and for others who have chased bats around the inside of their home, they know how small a gap can be for the bats to get into. That means exclusion for bat removal has to consider any gap small enough and make sure that it is filled in.

Why exclusion for bat removal works

When a company like Westchester Wildlife uses exclusion for bat removal, it is not only humane but it also works. The reason that it works is because of the use of specially designed cones that allow the bats to leave the comfort of the home on their nightly excursions, but is won’t allow them to re-enter. The cones are designed in such a way that the bats simply cannot get back in. When this happens, they are forced to find more suitable shelter, such as that found in trees or other buildings, such as sheds, under rocks, or in caves.

When you are thinking about exclusion for bat removal, you are considering the most humane method and that is important, especially in this day and age of difficulty and challenges facing the entire bat population throughout the northeast. If bats are a problem in your home, don’t exterminate them; ask for exclusion for bat removal and you will still be able to enjoy fewer mosquitoes and other insects next summer.

Far too many amateur bat removal companies, especially new and inexperienced ones, gloss over certain parts of the home and while their exclusion efforts may remove the bats for the time being, too many homeowners end up having to call them back again a few months later with another infestation of bats in their home.

One thing that attracts bats is warmth, especially from cold nights. As warm-blooded animals, they rely on warmth to survive. That means that many attics in the northeast are attractive to bats. These gaps that bats get into also let cold air in, and heat out. When you hire the best exclusion for bat removal company, then you are also insulating your home a bit more against the cold of winter. Talk about a double win in one!

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