If you have a bat in your house

Building specially designed “bat houses” as a way to provide bats with a safe place to live is quickly growing in popularity as a way to help support bats.

If you have a Bat in Your Home — don’t panic.  Use caution around a bat, as any of them can carry parasites or rabies. When handled or harassed most bats will attempt to bite. If the bat has bitten someone (human or pet) it should be captured for rabies testing. If they have not been in contact with you or your pets, you can help the bat escape safely.

The easiest way to Help a Bat escape safely is by opening all outside leading doors and windows of the room it is in so it flies out. Do not try to capture or push it out. Turn off the TV, radio, etc to remain silent and calm. If you must capture it use a butterfly net. Capturing a bat with a tennis racket will most likely harm or kill it. A damp towel can be thrown onto a resting bat; scoop it up carefully and gently place the towel outside.

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