Bats can cause damage

Even though bats are small and generally do not disturb homeowners, they can cause a great deal of damage from their droppings, also known as guano. The odor that they leave behind is only one small facet of the damage that bats can cause to homes. When there are enough bats living in close quarters, the guano can build up and if they are living in the attic, for example, the guano can seep down through the insulation and infiltrate the sheet rock of most ceilings. Over time, this can bleed through the ceiling, causing stains and weakening the integrity of the sheet rock itself.

Does your bat removal services company also remove all of the guano, eliminate the odor left behind by them, and repair any damage caused by the bats living within the house? When you begin to ask questions, you will soon realize that no, not all bat removal services tend to these things as they should. Not all of them are capable of it.

Westchester Wildlife is one of those rare companies in the Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess County areas that has not only the expertise to call themselves one of the best and most efficient bat removal services companies in the region, but they also understand the damage that can be left behind and the importance of leaving the home free of any trace of the bats that once lived there.

Their experts will repair the damage caused by the bats, whether it includes exterior or interior, and will do so with a precision that cannot be matched by any other bat removal services company in the area.

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