White Nose Syndrome

Exclusion for bat removal is a technique that is both humane and important in our modern society. Millions of people around the world revere bats because of their ability and tenacity in hunting and eating insects that generally are a nuisance to humans. In the United States, and more importantly, in the northeast, bats are… Continue Reading

Bats can cause damage

Even though bats are small and generally do not disturb homeowners, they can cause a great deal of damage from their droppings, also known as guano. The odor that they leave behind is only one small facet of the damage that bats can cause to homes. When there are enough bats living in close quarters,… Continue Reading

Bat Removal Services

Winter is fast approaching and that means that the outdoor wildlife will be searching for warmer shelter and that also means that bat removal services are even more important now. When bats find a warm shelter, such as the eves of an attic in the home, they become more difficult to remove once the winter… Continue Reading